These are just some of the questions we're most frequently asked. But, there is always a question you can't find an answer to. If this is the case email us hello@coolcoldbrew.co.uk


Can I use more than one promotional code? 

Unfortunately not, we only accept one promotional code per order. 

My promotional code isn't work, can you help? 

Yes, but please get in contact by calling 0161 258 5534 or email us at hello@coolcoldbrew.co.uk and let us know what promotional code you've attempted to enter.

How do I know if I've successfully entered a promotional code? 

The discount will appear in the breakdown cost of the order, on the right hand side of the checkout screen. 

How do I use a promotional code? 

Enter the code at the checkout screen and the discount will be applied.

Can I change my order? 

An order can be changed within 24 hours of when it was made or prior to despatch for delivery or whichever comes first. 

Do you at VAT to orders? 

Cool Cold Brew is zero-rated so VAT is added at 0%. With free delivery included in the cost of you order, the VAT on delivery is also included. 

What is your exchange policy? 

We will happily replace goods 

What is your return policy?

We will refund..

I didn't receive my order, what's happening? 

If it has been over 5 working days since you placed your order, please contact us at hello@coolcoldbrew.co.uk and we'll do our best to see what is going on. 

My order has arrived damaged or missing an item, help.

We are sad to hear about this. 

How do I refer friends? 

How can I change my email address? 


When will I be billed? 


When will my order be despatched? 

We always try our best to freshly brew and despatch orders within 2 working days and we'll send you an email to confirm once we have. 

When will my order arrive? 

With our aim to despatch orders within 2 working days and delivery taking no longer than 3 working days, we hope to have your order reach you within 5 working days. If your lucky, it could be with you in 48 hours. 

Can I track my order? 

Unfortunately not. There are very few couriers who deliver liquids, including soft drinks and therefore tracking comes at an extra cost. 


Where do you source your coffee from? 

We source all our coffee from roasters and suppliers based here in the UK. We do our upmost to source our coffee in the most ethical and sustainable way. We'll be sharing exactly how we do this when we publish The Cool Approach to being Socially Responsible and Sustainable 2016 in coming weeks. 

Where do you source the coffee from for Cool Original? 

The coffee in Cool Cold Brew Original is sourced from suppliers and roasters here in the UK. You can find more out about Cool Original and the coffee used in it here

Is your coffee fresh? 

Yes. To ensure you have the best cold brew, we only use the most freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Where is Cool Cold Brew produced? 

We currently produce Cool Cold Brew in our micro-brewery - Cool-Brewery - in Trafford, Manchester.

How do I store my cold brew?

Cool Cold Brew should be kept in refrigerated conditions (0-5 degrees celsius). This not only helps Cool Cold Brew to remain fresh for longer but Cool Cold Brew also tastes best when chilled, it is cold brew after all. 


How do you donate 10% of profits to charity? 

At the end of each financial year, we donate 10% of our profits to charity and an audit of this will be carried out by a third-party auditor. 

If you don't make any profits, do you still donate to charity? 

Although we can't guarantee we will be able to donate to charity if we don't make profits, we do save 10% of the profits we make from each and every sale and place it aside until the end of the financial year, unless that money is needed for urgent business-purposes.

Who do you donate to? 

We will be setting out who we will donate to in The Cool Approach - Being Socially Responsible and Sustainable 2016. We'll make sure that we choose charitable partners where we can have maximum effect.