Why We're Crowdfunding

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On Friday 28th July at 11:30am and after a month’s worth of preparation and build up we launched an equity based crowdfunding campaign on the world’s leading crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.

In just six years, Crowdcube have worked with many brands such as BrewDog, Camden Town Brewery and Pip & Nut raising over £332m from an investor community of over 420,000 people. What an achievement!

But, why did we decide to crowdfund too?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been measuring up the marketplace with our earlier Original flavour selling it online via our website but also into independent venues across Manchester such as coffee shops, cafes, delis and more!

Original Cool Cold Brew

During this time we learnt a lot about what people want and don’t from cold brew coffees and more widely chilled coffee drinks! The market is currently saturated with coffees full of sugar, saturates (no pun intended), many unnatural ingredients and poor quality coffee or ‘coffee flavourings’.

In 2017 where substandard coffee is no longer acceptable and we’re all yearning for more natural, unadulterated, healthier and less sugar food and drinks products, we asked ourselves,

‘Why has the chilled coffee market not yet modernised?’

And to be honest, we still don’t know the complete answer.

So we went to the drawing board and looked at how we could create something to change this market for the better. We worked hard to find a way to not add sugar to our drinks by focusing on unleashing the naturally sweeter flavour from cold brew coffee.

We also worked hard to make our drinks even healthier by reducing calories and fat content with more simple and clean ingredients and for example by using British farmed semi-skimmed milk in our Milk and Chocolate flavours.

To top it all off we knew we needed to create a brand and packaging design that people would love so we worked with a top-rate branding and design agency and gained feedback from our customers throughout the lengthy project.

But we then needed funds to bring the new range to market and having spoken to a number of investors over previous weeks and months, we admittedly struggled to get some of them over the line and to believe this was a big opportunity and we have even bigger potential.

So we knew we had to prove somehow that we had the right range for the right market, the right brand for the right customer and people would be willing to back us.

So to prove our concept we couldn’t think of a better way than getting those whom we know and don’t know to back us.

So, we decided crowdfunding was the way!

We wanted to give our community of supporters, friends, family, customers, suppliers and even buyers to become part of our growth. We also wanted to reach out and find other people who believed in us too.

We also knew that by taking our brand onto Crowdcube and hopefully raising the funds we needed to, we would also be able to effectively launch the new Cool Cold Brew brand on a national scale because of the added PR, marketing and success story benefit of being on a platform such as Crowdcube.

So with 420 investors currently on board and now £165,000 raised, we believe we’ve got things right.

With just 3 days left on our campaign, now is your chance to join us! Invest in Cool Cold Brew from just £10 and become part of our growth as we become the ‘go-to’ cold brew coffee brand in the UK and Europe.

P.S. Once our crowdfunding campaign closes I will be putting together a 3 part series of our campaign (Pre, Live and Post) sharing the insights, ups and downs, successes and tribulations we had throughout. I know Kris from Rejuvenation Water and others have done similar things previously, but I also believe each and every crowdfunding campaign is different so I want to share my experience too.

I’m also planning to do a talk in Manchester later in the year about crowdfunding and whether it is the right choice for you and your brand. Subscribe today to be in the loop!

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware.