Presidential Coffee Off'

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So with Mr Trump (no pun intended) being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, we thought it’d be a good idea to find out which types of coffee have helped his predecessors power their way through time in the ‘highest office in the land’.

As we expected, President Obama likes to keep up with the times. Although we don’t think any of the US President’s have actually made their own coffees whilst in office, Obama is believed to have enjoyed a pourover from a Chemex! We always knew Obama was cool.

George W Bush was also a coffee fan and used to make it every morning for himself and his wife before becoming President. But, after leaving office he had forgotten how to make coffee because his staff had been making it for him for so many years. What? That’s like forgetting how to ride a bike. Here he is enjoying a Dunkin Donut’s coffee!

Bill Clinton has had his ups and downs with coffee too. The bad - one of the gifts from Monica Lewinsky (you know the secretary he had an affair with) was a coffee cup. But, he recently toured the Haiti Coffee Academy with the founder of La Colombe who do some really cool work in the cold brew scene.

George H W Bush, was a MASSIVE coffee fan, drinking about 10 cups a day! He did have a health scare and had to drink decaf for a while but he was soon back to drinking a good old cup of joe in no time.

And FINALLY Donald J Trump. Well, despite owning and selling his own range of  pods and having a coffee roasted and named after him, Trump doesn’t actually drink coffee, or tea or alcohol for that matter. Now doesn’t that say a lot about a person?

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