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Having arrived back in the UK last Saturday (22nd July) from a week away in Spain, it was straight back into things as we prepared for our new brand launch which we’ve been slowly teasing out followed by a yet to be made public crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.

This was coupled together with Cool Cold Brew’s most recent intern, Dylan, leaving us after 3 months to head back to France and moving offices! Crazy, crazy times.

Having made the decision to go down the crowdfunding route well over a month ago, ever since we’ve been working extremely hard on preparing for the campaign itself from scripting, directing, producing and putting together the campaign video, pitch text, imagery and of course the dreaded and thorough Due Diligence we have to go through with Crowdcube in order to get onto the platform.

Throughout last week we worked to the bone, I had many restless nights and with a disaster occurring on Thursday evening where I had earlier in the week accidently deleted our Investor Pack which includes our Investment Deck and Financial Forecasts, I made the brave move of staying up and working all through the night on Thursday without one wink of sleep.

I got into the office on Friday morning and genuinely thought I was not going to make it through the day. I was cold, I felt dizzy, distracted and just wanted to sleep but with the campaign going live at 11:30am I had to carry on.

By 10:30am, miraculously from somewhere I had built up this unexpected energy. This was most definitely a combination of adrenaline and nerves in anticipation of the campaign that was going ahead in just 1 hour.

Although I always believed Cool Cold Brew had a good chance of successfully raising investment via Crowdcube, I had two statistics in my head that I’ve been working towards since we started this process. 9 out of 10 campaigns successfully fund if…

43% of the target raise is reached within 7 days

63% of the target raise is reached within 14 days.

So at 11:30am on Friday morning we went live on the platform and within 10 hours, so at 9:30pm, we had reached 61% of our funding target and had over 60 investors on board.

This was feeling was immense and I’m so humbled and overwhelmed at the support the campaign has received from investors, partners, the press, friends and family alike.

At the time of writing, we’re now at £81,700 (over 80% of our target) with 110 investors on board.

But we want to get to our target as quickly as possible and want more people to build involved in the growth of our business as:

Cool Cold Brew becomes the ‘go-to’ cold brew coffee brand in the UK and Europe.


Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware.



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Many months ago when Odelle, our Head of Marketing at Cool Cold Brew had just joined us, he said to me, ‘It would be a great idea if you put together your thoughts in a weekly Founder’s Journal and published it to our blog and through our social channels’.

I agreed. But like many things in life, life got in the way.

More recently, we’ve been capturing footage from my day-to-day and putting it together in weekly ‘Vlogs’ (Yes, Video Blogs for those of you who didn’t know).

I’ve been enjoying it. It isn’t easy to ‘add value’ for the audience sometimes but it has definitely had an impact on Cool Cold Brew so far and I can see how we can grow ‘JV’ going forward.

Creating a Vlog has made me want to go further and do some old school reflection and write about each week (and make time to do that), so here it is - my first Founder’s Journal.


I’ve been suffering with a f**cking terrible cold since I returned back from Glastonbury Festival at the beginning of last week so decided to spend the weekend in the Lake District for some fresh country air. Feeling ever so slightly better I arrived back in Manchester late Sunday evening ready for the week ahead!

I started the week, well waiting. Having met with and pitched to quite a lot of investors recently, many have demonstrated explicit interest and intent to invest in Cool Cold Brew pending further information and a final decision. Whilst my head was in ‘waiting mode’, I still had to get on with key tasks for some major project work we’re doing at the moment (more to come later).

I spent Tuesday morning working on new brand collateral before heading over to view some new offices for Cool Cold Brew. For the last 18 months, we’ve had the pleasure of being based within offices hosted by Entrepreneurial Spark and at the end of July we will come to an end of our time on the programme, so we’re moving on.

Whilst touring around the offices I received a message from one of our prospective investors saying that although they are really keen about the business, just now isn’t the right time for them. These setbacks, although challenging to deal with, are just part of running a business and we have to carry on with plans ahead.

So on Tuesday afternoon I decided to get out-of-the-office and work from home in order to get away from any distractions. I spent some time thinking about where Cool Cold Brew is currently at and what we need to do to drive it forward. Faster.

So I made a BIG decision, which I knew was going to make the next 6 weeks the most busiest and crazy time ever (more to be revealed later also). I quickly decided that with the sheer amount of work required to achieve this I needed to be distraction free on Wednesday also, so again, worked from home and with the good old’ paper and pen, written all my thoughts out and ‘master planned’ the weeks ahead.

Thursday I got back into the office with vigor and began to brief the small team and other external partners we have at Cool Cold Brew. It’s so important with any business or project for that matter - when a challenge faces you, you need to get the entire team on board and aligned to the vision and mission ahead and so Thursday was all about this.

 Cycling around Manchester on Saturday morning. 

Cycling around Manchester on Saturday morning. 

Friday, we began smashing through some of the various tasks we need to complete in order to meet a big deadline in just 10 days from now.

Other than going for a cycle on Manchester's new Mobikes on Saturday morning, I've spent the entire weekend working away on taking Cool Cold Brew to the next level. 

I wish, I wish I could share much much more with you. But for now, I ask for your patience and I ask for your support. Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground..we’ve got some BIG announcements coming very, very soon.

Thanks, as always.