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Many months ago when Odelle, our Head of Marketing at Cool Cold Brew had just joined us, he said to me, ‘It would be a great idea if you put together your thoughts in a weekly Founder’s Journal and published it to our blog and through our social channels’.

I agreed. But like many things in life, life got in the way.

More recently, we’ve been capturing footage from my day-to-day and putting it together in weekly ‘Vlogs’ (Yes, Video Blogs for those of you who didn’t know).

I’ve been enjoying it. It isn’t easy to ‘add value’ for the audience sometimes but it has definitely had an impact on Cool Cold Brew so far and I can see how we can grow ‘JV’ going forward.

Creating a Vlog has made me want to go further and do some old school reflection and write about each week (and make time to do that), so here it is - my first Founder’s Journal.


I’ve been suffering with a f**cking terrible cold since I returned back from Glastonbury Festival at the beginning of last week so decided to spend the weekend in the Lake District for some fresh country air. Feeling ever so slightly better I arrived back in Manchester late Sunday evening ready for the week ahead!

I started the week, well waiting. Having met with and pitched to quite a lot of investors recently, many have demonstrated explicit interest and intent to invest in Cool Cold Brew pending further information and a final decision. Whilst my head was in ‘waiting mode’, I still had to get on with key tasks for some major project work we’re doing at the moment (more to come later).

I spent Tuesday morning working on new brand collateral before heading over to view some new offices for Cool Cold Brew. For the last 18 months, we’ve had the pleasure of being based within offices hosted by Entrepreneurial Spark and at the end of July we will come to an end of our time on the programme, so we’re moving on.

Whilst touring around the offices I received a message from one of our prospective investors saying that although they are really keen about the business, just now isn’t the right time for them. These setbacks, although challenging to deal with, are just part of running a business and we have to carry on with plans ahead.

So on Tuesday afternoon I decided to get out-of-the-office and work from home in order to get away from any distractions. I spent some time thinking about where Cool Cold Brew is currently at and what we need to do to drive it forward. Faster.

So I made a BIG decision, which I knew was going to make the next 6 weeks the most busiest and crazy time ever (more to be revealed later also). I quickly decided that with the sheer amount of work required to achieve this I needed to be distraction free on Wednesday also, so again, worked from home and with the good old’ paper and pen, written all my thoughts out and ‘master planned’ the weeks ahead.

Cycling around Manchester on Saturday morning. 

Cycling around Manchester on Saturday morning. 

Thursday I got back into the office with vigor and began to brief the small team and other external partners we have at Cool Cold Brew. It’s so important with any business or project for that matter - when a challenge faces you, you need to get the entire team on board and aligned to the vision and mission ahead and so Thursday was all about this.

Friday, we began smashing through some of the various tasks we need to complete in order to meet a big deadline in just 10 days from now.

Other than going for a cycle on Manchester's new Mobikes on Saturday morning, I've spent the entire weekend working away on taking Cool Cold Brew to the next level. 

I wish, I wish I could share much much more with you. But for now, I ask for your patience and I ask for your support. Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground..we’ve got some BIG announcements coming very, very soon.

Thanks, as always.


Presidential Coffee 'Off

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So with Mr Trump (no pun intended) being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, we thought it’d be a good idea to find out which types of coffee have helped his predecessors power their way through time in the ‘highest office in the land’.

As we expected, President Obama likes to keep up with the times. Although we don’t think any of the US President’s have actually made their own coffees whilst in office, Obama is believed to have enjoyed a pourover from a Chemex! We always knew Obama was cool.

Obama Chemex

George W Bush was also a coffee fan and used to make it every morning for himself and his wife before becoming President. But, after leaving office he had forgotten how to make coffee because his staff had been making it for him for so many years. What? That’s like forgetting how to ride a bike. Here he is enjoying a Dunkin Donut’s coffee!

Dunkin Donuts

Bill Clinton has had his ups and downs with coffee too. The bad - one of the gifts from Monica Lewinsky (you know the secretary he had an affair with) was a coffee cup. But, he recently toured the Haiti Coffee Academy with the founder of La Colombe who do some really cool work in the cold brew scene.

George H W Bush, was a MASSIVE coffee fan, drinking about 10 cups a day! He did have a health scare and had to drink decaf for a while but he was soon back to drinking a good old cup of joe in no time.

And FINALLY Donald J Trump. Well, despite owning and selling his own range of  pods and having a coffee roasted and named after him, Trump doesn’t actually drink coffee, or tea or alcohol for that matter. Now doesn’t that say a lot about a person?

Trump Roast
Trump Pods

The future of coffee! What is cold brew coffee?

We love coffee, hot, cold, strong, black, even flavoured, but we love cold brew coffee even more, especially Cool Cold Brew. We truly believe that cold brew coffee is where it's at and we think you will too, once you've tried it. 

So whether you follow all the coffee trends, or you usually stick to what you know, we want to let you know exactly why we think Cool Cold Brew is the best.

First up we've chosen a small blend of medium roasted beans specifically chosen for their sweeter flavours. We grind them and brew the grounds with filtered water for over 16 hours. 

We then extract the liquid and perfectly filter the waste grounds from it creating a non-acidic, super smooth, sweet and refreshing cold brew. 

Secondly, its truly 'instant coffee', pick it up and drink it as it is. It's as simple as that. 

Next up, let's talk about the health benefits. Coffee is great for an instant energy boost, we all know that, but did you know that unlike other 'energy' drinks out there Cool Cold Brew is 100% natural, sugar free and contains only 10 calories - yes 10! Coffee is known to increase your metabolism helping weight loss and has also been linked to reducing the likelihood of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

So if that hasn't convinced you to give it a go we don't know what will! Actually, how about we give you a bottle to try, on the house? Just leave us a comment with your name, email address and why you'd like to try it below and we'll pick a couple of winners by Monday 31st October. 

Be a winner. Good luck!


Cool Cherry Coffee Tonic A perfect Autumn coffee fix.

cherry tonic 2.jpg

Manchester seems to be enjoying some amazing Autumn sunshine at the moment, and aside from chilly mornings, the winter weather seems to be holding off for now.

Make the most of it with this gorgeous cherry cold brew drink recipe, perfect for these crisp, sunny Autumn days.


  • Cool Cold Brew coffee 
  • Tonic water (we used Fever Tree)
  • Use approximately 1 part coffee to 3 parts tonic water 
  • Morelo cherry cordial (we used Blossom Cottage)
  • Ice

1. Fill a glass with ice

2. Pour in 1-2 tablespoons of cherry juice (you can add a fresh cherry or two as well if you like)

3. Pour over your tonic water.

4. Now, very slowly, add your coffee. Go carefully here as it can fizz up! 

5. Enjoy! You'll get a good mix of cherry, coffee and tonic flavours whether you stir it up or not.

6. Hop on over to Instagram, let us know what you think and share your pictures with us. Tag us @coolcoldbrew and using #coolcoffee





Cold Brew Coffee. How do you enjoy yours?

coffee and milk.jpg

We think cold brew coffee is the best thing since sliced bread (or should that be hot coffee?).

A smoother, sweeter tasting coffee brewed cold over 17 hours, it has none of the bitterness of hot coffee and none of the nasties found in other convenience or 'energy' drinks. If you haven't tried it yet, we reckon you should definitely give it a go! 

We think it tastes great straight from the bottle and it really is the most convenient coffee you can get. More instant than even 'instant' coffee, you don't even need to boil the kettle. But if, like us, you love coffee and are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy your daily fix try some of  these ideas.

Add Milk

coffee milk.jpg

Soy milk, almond milk, or plain old cow's milk. Just like hot coffee, Cool Cold Brew tastes great with a splash of the white stuff.

Add Flavour

Throw in a vanilla pod, a slice of lemon or lime, or even some cacoa powder, to mix it up a bit.

Hot Stuff

Cool Cold Brew tastes amazing served cool, just as it's meant to be. That said, on a chilly morning (we know, believe us, we get plenty of them in Manchester) nothing beats a hot cup of the black stuff. Heat up your cold brew for an altogether smoother, fresher cup of steaming coffee. 

If these ideas sound like your cup of tea (or coffee!) then say tuned for lots more Cool recipe ideas.

We love to see how you enjoy your Cool Cold Brew, tag us over on Instagram @coolcoldbrew or using the hashtag #coolcoffee.